Davis Creative Technology: Digital Video Production + Storytelling: Boulder, Colorado


PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Terry and Mary Ann will work with you to develop and refine the conceptual plan for your project. They will help you define an achievable budget and timeline of production goals and deadlines.

TREATMENT: We can help you capture your vision by writing or assisting you in writing a treatment, or a text description of your story. This aids in solidifying the structure, flow, details, and conclusion of what you want to accomplish in the project.

Terry Davis PreproductionSCRIPTING: We will develop your story and write your script as required to help you tell your story in the most compelling and succinct way. We will also be happy to work from the script that you provide.

PRODUCTION PLANNING: We can help you find the perfect background or area in which to convey your message or story. We can access acting talent, voice talent, and music talent to facilitate and enhance your ideas.

SHOT LISTS AND STORYBOARDING: The last step before production is to plan the necessary shots and other assets required and to make all arrangements to acquire them. This, along with all other activities, will be included in our quotation.