Davis Creative Technology: Digital Video Production + Storytelling: Boulder, Colorado

About Us

Terry Davis

TERRY DAVIS has been involved with customer service for more than 40 years as a manufacturing, quality, design engineer, and model maker. His love of cinema, storytelling, music, and special effects led him to establish DCT as a production company in 1999. He provides direction and technical support to the productions, and likes scriptwriting, production planning, and shooting. He also has a passion for postproduction, practical effects, and animation.

Mary Ann Davis

MARY ANN DAVIS (RN, BSN) has been a Registered Nurse for 30+ years and has a passion for patient education in the health and medical fields. She specializes in video production to educate both the general public and medical personnel. Mary Ann is also a general aviation pilot and a FAAST (FAA Safety Team) Representative for the Denver Flight Standards District Office (FISDO) of the Federal Aviation Administration. She conducts multi-media presentations to teach pilots about medical issues as they relate to flying. She has created  several award-winning safety videos. Her specialty is storytelling and editing. She loves nature subjects and has a touch for putting just the right music to her projects.